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Many people concentrate on the well-known male martial artists while discussing the business and movies related to the genre. However, we have a sizable portion of professional female martial artists. They even demonstrate that they are as skilled as males in combat!

All fans should be aware of these prominent hot female martial artists. This article will highlight the best female martial artists’ names worldwide.

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The Best Female Martial Artists in the World

In the past ten years, women’s mixed martial arts (WMMA) has come a long way, going from a sport that many look down upon by the fight scene to one that is now one of the pay-per-view events. This is a huge accomplishment for the sport.

Even while women’s mixed martial arts still has a long way to go before it reaches the same level as men’s MMA, women in martial arts and everywhere should be happy with the state of the sport. Many women have contributed to the success of female fighters today; some of these women are well-known in the world of fighting, while others are less well-known.

Fights that have a place in the past have made it possible for fights to take place in the present and the future. The current sports spokespeople are contributing to promoting women’s mixed martial arts (WMMA). 

The female martial artists on this list are some of the most accomplished competitors in the business and have been instrumental in building support for other female combatants.

These female competitors, who are among the best in MMA, will contribute to the development of the sport and will help it reach its full potential in the years to come.

Cris “Cyborg” Santos

If you follow women’s MMA, “Cyborg” is a familiar name. This martial arts girl is so dominating that Strikeforce cannot even find opponents for her. 

Due to Strikeforce’s decision to eliminate the featherweight category, this top female fighter will move down to the women’s bantamweight division on a per-pound basis. She exemplifies what a woman fighter is capable of when she works hard with commitment.

Record: 10-1

Gina Carano

At one point, Gina Carano, one of the black female martial artists, was the face of women’s MMA, and with good reason. Her attractiveness and skill in the ring assisted in bringing women’s MMA into the mainstream. She has not been competing since losing to Cyborg, but she is still one of the best female fighters in history. 

She intended to go back into the cage in 2011. However, she withdrew due to a health problem. It’s uncertain when she’ll start fighting again.

Record: 7-1

Keiko Fukuda

Although Fukuda passed away at 99, you will never forget her influence on the judo discipline. She studied art from the creator and attained the greatest rank in female judo history. Fukuda comes from a line of martial artists. Her grandpa, a samurai and Jiu-Jitsu teacher who passed away in 1880, reportedly taught Kano Jigoro, the inventor of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu.

Jigoro instructed his pupils to tour the globe and teach Judo even though he passed away in 1938. Fukuda kept her word after committing. 

She took this vow so seriously that she abandoned her arranged marriage rather than judo when she realized she would have to give up Judo to participate. She then created Ju-no-kata, a kinder variation of Judo, and attained the 10th dan black belt, the highest rank in the art. The inventor didn’t even get close to this.

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Miesha Tate

Since she joined the guys’ wrestling team in high school and went on to win the Women’s State Championship and the World Team Trials, Miesha Tate has been kicking butt. She subsequently used her wrestling skills in MMA, where she has successfully built a reputation for herself.

Tate is a top-tier female fighter who has been winning grappling competitions, holds several titles and has defeated some elite opponents. She is the current Strikeforce champion since she is a force to reckon with.

Record: 12-2

Mayu Hamada

In 2012 and 2016, Hamada, only 22 years old, represented Japan at the Olympics. The youngest person who competed in this discipline at the games was this Taekwondo practitioner. 

She participated twice in the World Championships and won a silver and a gold medal. She also won a bronze medal at the 2012 Asian Championships and a silver medal at the 2014 Asian Games. Her initial plans after graduating from junior high school included getting a license to drive a speedboat, according to Rocket News. 

Her father persuaded her to continue training in Taekwondo, nevertheless. She’ll be unbeatable if she decides to pursue a career in speedboat racing in the future!

Ronda Rousey

The most recent instance of this girl’s dominance in the women’s mixed martial arts arena was when she broke Julia Budd’s arm during their November 18th match on Strikeforce.

Rousey, one of the sexy female martial artists, spent about four and two minutes in the ring over her seven fights, including professional and amateur. This bronze medalist in judo from the Olympics will fight at 135 pounds (61.2 kilograms) in her next match to quickly advance to a title opportunity.

Record: 4-0

Sarah Kaufman

The striking Canadian wonder, you must include Sarah Kaufman on any list of the best female fighters.

She has been defeating some top competitors, including Roxanne Modafferi, Miesha Tate, Shayna Baszler, and Liz Carmouche (via KO slam). She is one strong lady with a fair chance of facing Ronda Rousey in the cage soon.

Kaufman became the first female bantamweight champion of Strikeforce in 2010. She did, however, lose it after two fights. She, however, remains a strong competitor in the division despite this.

Record: 14-1

Tara LaRosa

Tara LaRosa, one of the first female athletes to compete professionally, has been doing so since 2002. She has competed against various female athletes, including Roxanna Modafferi, Hitomi Akano, Julie Kedzie, Shayna Baszler, Kelly Kobold, and even Carina Damm, a black belt, to whom she ultimately conceded defeat.

Despite winning championships and beating some of the best rivals, LaRosa has not yet made an appearance in the Strikeforce or Bellator scene. She is a skilled competitor who blazed a trail for subsequent generations of female mixed martial arts superstars. Thus, it is only fitting that she is on this list.

Record: 20-2

Zoila Gurgel 

Zoila Gurgel is a tough female fighter who only suffered a defeat against Miesha Tate, the reigning Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Since her setback, Gurgel has been dominating the Bellator scene, defeating Megumi Fujii, Rosi Sexton, and Jessica Aguilar (for the Bellator Tournament Championship). 

She was to compete again at Bellator 57. However, she had to pull out due to an ACL tear.

There is no question that she will continue to rule and advance when she enters the cage again.

Record: 11-1

Megumi Fujii

Who says that awesome things don’t sometimes come in tiny packages? Megumi Fujii is a formidable opponent despite only weighing 113 pounds (51.3 kilograms); she started her career with a 22-fight winning run. She has compiled 18 submission victories, defeated some of the best in the business, and finished second in the first Bellator Women’s Tournament.

Record: 24-1

Female MMA Artists Who Have Earned the Most Records

Name: Amanda Nunes

Nickname: Lioness

Division: Bantamweight (2011 to present), featherweight (2008 to 2011, 2018 to present)

Years active: 2008 to present (MMA)

Record career: 21 wins and 4 losses

As the current women’s bantamweight and featherweight champion, she made history by being the first person ever to win the UFC belts in two different weight classes. Because she is the only fighter in the history of the UFC to defend two titles while simultaneously holding both of them, she is one of the best female mixed martial artists of all time.

It says a lot about her successful mixed martial arts career that she presently owns the records for the most consecutive victories among women in UFC history (12), the most wins among women in championship fights (9), and the most victories overall among women in UFC history (14).

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In Conclusion

Most people believe women should not participate in Mixed Martial Arts because it is too dangerous. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) currently has several difficult female competitors.

However, the beginning of their rivalry occurred much later than that of males. It wasn’t until 1997 that women in the United States began to fight earnestly. Since then, a lot of women have made history thanks to the accomplishments they’ve had in athletics.

Many people did not take female mixed martial arts (MMA) seriously before the UFC started buying them. Women’s fights in the UFC have only recently gained popularity (2013). Because of this, they don’t have much of a history to speak about. The first bout, which took place at UFC 157, was between Rousey and Carmouche.

In such a short time, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been responsible for developing some of the best fighters the world has ever seen. As it continues to attract new talent, the competition among its fighters is steadily rising to a much greater level.

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