The IP Man Fighting Style EXPLAINED

ip man fighting style

The Ip Man Wing Chun Fighting Style The Ip man fighting style, Wing Chun, is a kung fu form that focuses on close-quarter combat, fast blows, and tight defense to defeat opponents. With rapid footwork, simultaneous defense and offensive, and diverting the opponent’s energy to your favor, this traditional Chinese martial art destabilizes opponents.  Although … Read more

Blood Choke vs. Air Choke – The Difference

Blood Choke vs. Air Choke

Choke-outs are tactics that use chokeholds to cause consciousness. However, many people can’t differentiate between blood choke vs. air choke. These tactics can be difficult for both beginners and strikers.  For a perfect knock-out, you need to apply chokes in all positions. But which is better? Blood choke or air choke? Let’s find out! Before … Read more

How LONG Are UFC Rounds?

how long are ufc rounds

The UFC is the most popular mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company worldwide. But, do you know how long are UFC rounds? To get an in-depth answer to this question, you have to comprehensively understand the organization’s fights. Some of the areas you need to explore are UFC background and UFC rules, among other aspects … Read more