Hanbō Vs. Jō What’s the DIFFERENCE (and Similarities)

Hanbo vs. Jo

What are They?  Hanbō vs. jō (the differences and similarities) is an interesting topic for those who want to know more about traditional Japanese martial arts. Hanbō and jō both have a long history in Japanese martial arts for centuries used in developing fighting skills and techniques. Hanbō and jō are both kobudō, which are … Read more

FEAST Your Eyes On The Karate Belt Order (Shotokan)

Karate Belt Order

What is Shotokan Karate? Are you aware of the karate belt order Shotokan uses? Shotokan is one of the various karate styles, and it uses powerful long-range techniques and lengthy, deep stances. Long, deep stances are a trademark of the Shotokan style of karate, which also includes more explosive sparring techniques called Kumite.  The deep … Read more