What are Punching Bags Filled With? [REVEALED]

what are punching bags filled with

What is a Punching Bag? What are punching bags filled with? They are athletic bags made for striking them repeatedly. They have been in use in swordplay and martial arts throughout documented history. They often have a cylindrical shape and comprise various materials and commodities to retain their weight and flexibility.  If you’ve seen or … Read more

A Sneak-Peak At The Different Boxing Weight Categories

boxing weight categories

Did You Know That Boxing Has Different Weight Categories? There are various boxing weight categories. Boxing features 17 weight classes, ranging from the little 105 pounds (47.6 kilograms) dynamos to the heavyweight giants weighing 200 or 300 pounds (90.7 or 136.1 kilograms).  The weight classes are currently 17 from the initial eight. They made this … Read more

Sports Facts: Where Did Boxing Originate?

where did boxing originate

Who Invented Boxing? And where did boxing originate? Historians have found numerous depictions of Egyptian art that depict early forms of boxing, wrestling, and grappling between people.  The exact origins of who invented boxing are largely unknown, and the belief is that the ancient Egyptians were the first to develop a form of hand-to-hand combat … Read more

How to Wrap Wrists for Boxing

How to Wrap Wrists for Boxing

Before jumping into the ring, you need to wrap your wrists for boxing. However, many boxers don’t know how to wrap wrists for boxing. Wrist wraps are essential since they protect tendons and muscles from injury. To play comfortably and win the match, you have to wrap your wrists properly. For more details about boxing … Read more

Is Boxing Good For Self Defense?

is boxing good for self defense

“You can only fight the way you practice.” While this statement penned down by Miyamoto Musashi is true, there are many fighting tactics in boxing. But is boxing good for self-defense?  Boxing is essential in self-defense because it contains numerous defensive and attacking techniques. When an enemy attacks, you can use your footwork and keep … Read more