How LONG Are UFC Rounds?

how long are ufc rounds

The UFC is the most popular mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company worldwide. But, do you know how long are UFC rounds? To get an in-depth answer to this question, you have to comprehensively understand the organization’s fights. Some of the areas you need to explore are UFC background and UFC rules, among other aspects … Read more

What’s Gordon Ryan’s Net Worth?

Gordon Ryan's Net Worth

Do you know that Jiu-Jitsu grapplers rake millions from their careers? For example, Gordon Ryan’s net worth is millions of dollars. In addition, he competes in multiple tournaments and global super fights. A closer look at Gordon Ryan tells you that grappling is a lucrative career. Every drop of sweat that its competitors break in … Read more

What is Brandon Moreno’s Net Worth?

Brandon Moreno’s Net Worth

Who is Brandon Moreno? Brandon Carrillo Moreno is a professional mixed martial artist from Mexico who now fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) flyweight division. Have you thought of what Brendan Moreno’s net worth is? He is a former UFC Flyweight Champion and the first Mexican-born fighter to win a UFC championship. He previously … Read more

A Look Into Rampage Jackson’s NET Worth

Rampage Jackson's NET Worth

Rampage Jackson’s Net Worth Rampage Jackson’s net worth is approximately $12 million, making him among the wealthiest MMA fighters in the world. Rampage Jackson is a mixed martial arts fighter, actor, and retired wrestler. Over the years, Rampage has fought in the UFC, Bellator, and Pride FC. He has won many awards, including the Pride … Read more

Herb Dean’s Net Worth and Other Chatty Facts

Herb Dean's Net Worth and Other Chatty Facts

Who is Herb Dean? Herb Dean is a UFC professional martial arts referee (Ultimate Fighting Champion). Herb Dean’s net worth currently stands at 2.5 million dollars. He also used to fight in his early days before beginning his referee career. His outstanding performance during his fighting career plays a significant role in his job as … Read more