Paddy Pimblett’s Weight Class And Other Chatty Facts

Who is Paddy Pimblett?

Patrick Mark “Paddy” Pimblett is an English mixed martial artist. Paddy Pimblett’s weight class is the lightweight division of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC). His birthday is January 3, 1995, and he was born in Huyton, located in Merseyside, England. 

At a young age, he first became interested in mixed martial arts (MMA) and the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) when he witnessed a battle in 2009 between Vitor Belfort and Rich Franklin.

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What is Paddy Pimblett’s Weight Class?

Paddy Pimblett competes in the Lightweight division, which means his maximum allowable weight is 156 pounds (70 kilograms) (which he hit at his last weigh-in). On the other hand, after his victory over Rodrigo Vargas, Pimblett discovered a new interest in gastronomy. 

Paddy put on enough weight that he was over the limit for the Lightweight decision (some claim he weighed enough to enter the light-heavyweight division), and as a result, he needed to lose more than 50 pounds (22.7 pounds) before his fight with Jordan Leavitt. The fight took place in the light heavyweight division.

Paddy’s Records Revealed

Pimblett has enjoyed a meteoric climb to notoriety in the sport over the past year, following his two remarkable performances thus far in the UFC. Pimblett’s ascent to prominence in the sport occurred within the previous year. 

As of right now, he has already triumphed against Luigi Vendramini and Rodrigo Vargas in consecutive bouts of the evening, and he is rapidly becoming a major name in the world of fighting game competition.

He is well known for gaining weight in the time between fights, then effectively decreasing weight to make weight before important events like these. 

He has also established a charming demeanor. After reaching 205 pounds (92.9 kilograms) in preparation for his fight against Rodrigo Vargas, he reduced his weight to make the weight limit for this competition by fifty pounds. 

Not only does he have a large personality, but he also has an impressive record as a boxer, and if he wins on Saturday night, his star will undoubtedly rise much higher than it already is. Paddy Pimblett has an outstanding record. Paddy Pimbletts stats boasts 18 victories, 3 losses, and 0 draws. This forms an impressive Paddy Pimblett record.

How Old is Pimblett?

Paddy began to garner attention toward the close of 2011 while competing in amateur bouts. During the Amateur phase, he competed against Scott Gregory and Mick Doyle and successfully won both of his bouts against them. In 2012, when he had his debut fight against Nathan Thompson, he launched his professional career. 

In addition to it, he won the match via technical knockout (Submission to Strikes). Similarly, he also went on to win the following three matches in a row. In his career as a professional mixed martial artist (MMA), Pimblett has suffered defeat at the hands of only three opponents: Cameron Else, Nad Narimani, and Soren Bak. 

To answer your question, how old is Paddy Pimblett? As of 2022, the professional fighter Paddy Pimblett’s age has reached 27. Additionally, January 5, 1995, was the day he was born.

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When did Paddy Pimblett Make His UFC Debut?

Paddy Pimblett UFC debut came when he already had a devoted fan base thanks to his incredible efforts in cage warriors. 

On the other hand, multiple individuals familiar with the promotion preparations have confirmed to MMA that the former cage warriors champion will compete against Luigi Vendramini at the event that the UFC will hold on September 4. 

The UFC has expressed interest in holding the event in London; however, the disclosure of a specific site and venue was not yet public. The booking came to the attention of Combate initially. Pimblett made his comeback in March 2020 with a first-round technical knockout victory against Decky Dalton at Cage Warriors 113. 

This victory came after Pimblett ended 2018 with a loss by decision to Soren Bak for the vacant lightweight title at Cage Warriors 96. The second time “The Baddy” competed was precisely one year later, and he had another amazing opening-round finish. 

This time, “The Baddy” finished the fight in the opening round via submission against Davide Martinez in his final cage warriors appearance before signing with the UFC. Vendramini will attempt to sabotage the performance of the debutante while also trying to improve upon his promotional record of 1-2. 

“The Italian Stallion” battled for the last time at UFC 263, which took place in June. Despite almost pulling off an astonishing comeback in the third round, “The Italian Stallion” ultimately lost through a majority decision to Fares Ziam.

On September 4, 2021, at UFC Fight Night 191, Pimblett competed against Luigi Vendramini for the first time in a promotional capacity. Pimblett won the fight by knocking out his opponent in the first round. After this bout, he got a bonus for having the night’s best performance.

How Tall is Paddy Pimblett?

Paddy Pimblett is 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters) tall.

What is Pimblett’s Net Worth?

Paddy Pimblett has admitted to earning $150,000 throughout his career to this point. His three battles in the UFC have brought home approximately $100,000 of this total. 

Given his remarkable track record and ever-increasing popularity inside the UFC, we anticipate this number to climb drastically in the future. This is when inevitably, sponsorship agreements will begin pouring in. According to networth & salary, Paddy Pimblett’s net worth is approximately anywhere from one million to five million dollars United States dollars.

Where is Paddy Pimblett From?

Because of his fantastic hairstyle, brilliant walkouts, outrageous accent, and fascinating fights, he quickly becomes one of the UFC’s biggest stars. He is one of the most iconic fighters in the UFC and quickly becomes one of the promotion’s biggest stars. 

He is one of an increasing number of British mixed martial arts competitors to enter the UFC in recent years, and his accent is something to behold for many people outside of the UK, as well as for many people living inside the UK. Paddy Pimblett is an Englishman who hails from the Huyton neighborhood of Liverpool. 

Pimblett, on the other hand, does not identify as being “English.” Instead, he likes to declare that he is from Liverpool, Merseyside (the county that Liverpool is in) and that he is a “Scouser” (the nickname given to people from Liverpool).

Is Paddy Married?

Paddy Pimblett and his fiancee, Laura Gregory, are now engaged to marry her. Paddy popped the question to the couple when they were on vacation in the Phi Phi Islands in February 2020, and the couple has had an engagement ever since. The wedding is to take place in May of 2023 for the happy pair. Up to then, Laura will be Paddy Pimblett’s wife.

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The Bottom Line

Paddy UFC fighter is an English mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who has already demonstrated some remarkable talent, even though he just made his debut in 2021. He should most surely have a successful future in front of him. 

Although he is popular by the moniker “Paddy the Baddy,” we believe that he has the potential to become the next Conor McGregor and one of the most recognizable fighters in the UFC. 

This is despite his nickname, “Paddy the Baddy.” Who is Paddy Pimblettt, what is his current fight record, and what kinds of fights does he participate in? What is his track record?

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