Aung La Nsang’s Net Worth and Other Fan Facts

Who is Aung La Nsang? 

Aung La Nsang’s net worth is over a million dollars. The famous fighter was born in Myanmar on May 21, 1985. Taurus is Aung’s zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

Aung, well known by his ring handle “Burmese Python,” is a mixed martial artist affiliated with the ONE Championship. He currently holds the ONE middleweight and ONE light heavyweight titles. 

Fighter winner

What is Their Net Worth?

La Nsang is not only one of the wealthiest fighters but also one of the most well-known fighters. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Aung La Nsang’s net worth is around 1.5 million.

Aung made his debut in the professional circuit in 2005 and quickly established a reputation for his exceptional submission skills, which earned him the nickname “The Burmese Python.” 

Aung La Nsang made his first professional appearance in 2005. Earlier in his career, he competed for various promotions, including King of the Cage and Ring of Combat, as well as some smaller ones. Despite this, his career went to a shaky beginning, as he failed in his first battle. 

After the video of him knocking out Jason Louck at CFFC 17 went viral in the Kachin State, he became a social media sensation at 27. After the battle, he stood for a picture with a flag representing the Kachin.

In June 2014, he made his debut in the ONE Championship, and he has been the main attraction at several concerts held at the Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon. 

Aung became a national hero in Myanmar when he competed at ONE Championship: Union of Warriors in 2016, two years after signing with ONE Championship in 2014, and became a promotion member. He won his fight and established himself as a champion.

Their Current Record

Aung La Nsang’s record is 27 wins, 12 losses, and 0 draws. Having stopped 13 of his opponents over his 27 victories, he currently has a knockout percentage of 48% with 12 submissions. There have been four stops four times out of his 12 losses. His professional fights have an average of 1.8 rounds after 72 rounds of competition.

How Does Aung La Nsang Prepare for Their Next Fight?

Fighting in front of the largest and brightest spotlights is nothing new for Aung. Inside the circle, the former ONE middleweight and the ONE light heavyweight champion have seen and done it all. The Burmese Python, approaching nearly two decades of professional experience in this sport, claims that some things never change.

Aung recently acknowledged in an interview with ONE Championship that he still experiences the same level of anxiety before every battle as a young fighter.

But now, he can control it thanks to his newfound control. The veteran fighter from Myanmar, who is 36 years old, claims he has mastered the art of maintaining laser-like focus anytime he steps inside the cage.

Aung is undoubtedly trying to make a comeback after losing both of his world titles in short succession at the beginning of last year.

The last time fans saw “The Burmese Python” in action was in July 2021 at ONE: Battleground. He knocked out dangerous grappler Leandro Ataides in the opening round of that fight with a series of brutal punches.

The former double champion, known as “The Burmese Python,” had never looked sharper than he did in that match.

In preparation for Aung La Nsang’s next fight, he has also mastered the art of managing his fear. The 36-year-old claims he overcame his anxiety about entering a cage made of cold steel and fighting another human.


Other Chatty Facts About the Fighter

Childhood Hero

Aung, like many young people, looked up to his parents. His father, who had an excellent work ethic and unwavering resolve, was the Myanmar sports icon’s particular role model when he was a child.

Early Influence of Martial Arts

Aung was aware of actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, but he was more interested in the legendary martial artist and actor Jet Li.

The action star enthralled “The Burmese Python” and placed the idea in the martial artist’s mind of what he could achieve.

The Most Memorable Professors

The Myanmar superstar admired Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, his instructors at the Yangon International School.

He says, “Mr. Anderson taught our science classes, including biology, and Mrs. Anderson taught me Spanish from ninth grade through year twelve. They also instructed us in volleyball. They are great people.

The Most Enduring Sports Idol

Aung, like many other young people around the world who were growing up in the 1990s, loved six-time NBA Champion Michael Jordan in terms of athletics.

The Toughest Task Outside the Circle

Although competing in the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions against elite mixed martial artists is challenging, finding balance and upholding a healthy family life are his most difficult challenges outside of the Circle.

Goals for the Post-Competition

After his professional career, Aung’s primary goal is to elevate Myanmar’s upcoming talent to the top of MMA. The purpose of “The Burmese Python” is to uplift his people and demonstrate that anything is possible if they set their minds to it.

The Bronze Statue

When Aung won the ONE World Championship in two divisions, he became a big deal. Things took a turn in December 2018 when unveiling a bronze statue of him in Kachin National Manau Park.

What Frightens the Champ

“The Burmese Python’s” existential fear of failing to accomplish his ultimate aims is what truly terrifies him. The only thing that truly frightens him is the worry that he won’t have fulfilled any of his aspirations before the world passes him by.

Chef in the Kitchen 

Although Aung may be a world champion in the circle, few people know his skills as a chef. The Sanford MMA rep has been cooking since he was seven years old.

He remembers his mother having a neighbor come over and teach the two of them how to cook when they were young. Sometimes she would make them cook on the weekends. He has been cooking ever since.

Best Christmas Present

The Myanmar Superstar’s favorite early Christmas present was a set of boxing gloves since he always had a warrior’s attitude. He responds with a smile, “I used them with my brother. I used them to beat my brother, and after that, he got the gloves and started hitting me again.”

Blue boxing gloves

Favorite Card Game

Throughout his adolescence, Aung was a devoted Magic: The Gathering player.

He admits, “I used to play a lot of that when I was in middle school. I continued to play until my final year of high school. I had about a thousand cards. Maybe someday I will be able to win the “Magic: The Gathering World Championship,” another World Title.

Wrapping Things Up

On February 23, 2018, he defeated Alexandre Machado to claim the vacant ONE Light Heavyweight title. He has held this belt for 1,695 days in total (4 years, 7 months, and 20 days) and has successfully defended it four times. He has not yet made the required defense of this belt.

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