A Look Into Rampage Jackson’s NET Worth

Rampage Jackson’s Net Worth

Rampage Jackson’s net worth is approximately $12 million, making him among the wealthiest MMA fighters in the world. Rampage Jackson is a mixed martial arts fighter, actor, and retired wrestler.

Over the years, Rampage has fought in the UFC, Bellator, and Pride FC. He has won many awards, including the Pride Middleweight Championship belt, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion title, and the Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight Tournament. Read our article and find out How Much is a UFC Belt Worth?

Quinton Rampage is known to lift and slam his opponents on the mat mercilessly. Quinton has starred in many films such as Bad Guys, The A-team, Never Surrender, and Death Warrior. Rampage is well known for his trash-talking and unique fighting style.

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Chatty Stats About Quinton Jackson

Rampage’s brute strength and aggressive fighting style are why his fans acknowledge him. During his time, Rampages’ unique personality enriched his performance each time he stepped into the ring. So, how tall is Rampage Jackson, and what is Rampage Jackson’s weight? Let’s find out.

Date of Birth: June 20th, 1978

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)

Profession: Mixed martial arts athlete, actor, coach, and retired professional wrestler.

Country of origin: United States of America

Net worth: $12 Million

Sponsors: Quality Environmental Inc.

Salary: Inactive

Sexual orientation: Straight

Dating/girlfriend (name): N/A

Country of birth: Memphis

Sources such as wealthy gorilla indicate that Quinton Jackson’s net worth ranges from $12 million to $15 million.

Quinton Rampage Jackson’s Story

Early Life

Where is Rampage Jackson from? Quinton Ramone Jackson was born on June 20th, 1978, in Memphis, Tennessee. His father was a drug addict and disappeared from his life when he was 10. Jacksons’ father never returned until he was 25 years old. 

Having been raised in a poor neighborhood, Quinton started selling drugs early. Quinton Rampage was involved in many street fights as a teenager. Rampage joined the school’s martial arts club in high school, where he performed exemplary. 

Rampage Jackson finished 5th in the state tournament during his senior years, winning the All-State honors Award. He made friends with Jacob Noe as a karate practitioner during his high school years. The two would practice together and exchange techniques while training. He later attended Lassen Community College and was expelled after fighting with a teammate.


Quinton Rampage opted to join MMA after seeing many other wrestling professionals join and succeed. After successfully competing in several small competitions, he traveled to Japan, enrolling in the Pride Fighting Championships. While on the team, his first match was Rampage vs. Sakuraba. The match was rocky, and he lost to his opponent —Kazushi Sakuraba.

Despite having a rough start in the pride team, Jackson impressed the audience with his aggressive fighting tactics. He became successful in the next few fights and seized many victories, including one with Wanderlei Silva. His win against Silver created an intense rivalry between the two.

In his last two rounds under the Pride team, Jackson emerged victorious in both fights. In 2006, Rampage Jackson started wrestling for the UFC Heavyweight section, where he was crowned champion in 2007.

Besides UFC and pride, Rampage also wrestled in the Bellator MMA Championships. Generally, he is among the most successful MMA fighters globally, with a net worth of $12 million.

Rampage Jackson’s Family Life

Rampage is a bright shining star in the MMA field. Most fans are interested in his family life. Questions like who is Rampage Jackson’s wife, does he have any siblings, and Rampage Jackson’s children are among the top questions asked. 

Although Rampage has a tough and intimidating exterior, he is a family person. He has disclosed in several interviews that he loves his family and misses being around them. In one of the interviews, Rampage announced that one of his biggest regrets was joining MMA. 

The sport has caused him to be constantly away from his family, who reside in Memphis. He also said that although he has his own family near him, he misses his cousins, siblings, and aging parents. 

Most fans wonder if Rampage is dating, who Rampage Jackson’s girlfriend is, and his dating history. But, like many other celebrities, Quinton Rampage keeps his love matters private.

Quinton Jackson is single. Sources indicate that Rampage has only had one relationship with Yukie Imoto. The two are divorced with two children – Nakia Jackson and Elijah Jackson. Jackson Rampage is the one who filed for a divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”  as the key reason for their separation.

MMA Fighter

Rampage Jackson’s Career Highlights

Here’s a list of some of the significant highlights of Rampage Jackson’s career life:

  • PRIDE Fighting Championship premiere (2001)
  • Rampage Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell (2003)
  • Rampage Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona | UFC (2004)
  • Premiere in the (UFC) Ultimate Fighting Championship (2007)
  • Champion vs. Champion UFC 75: (2007)
  • Quinton Rampage vs. Wanderlei Silva UFC 92: (2008)
  • The A-Team Movie (2010)

Famous Quotes From Quinton Jackson

Rampage is a guy you will either hate or love. He talks trash with style. Quinton would qualify as a comedian if he weren’t an MMA fighter. The things he says are either funny and unforgettable or very inspirational. 

Here’s a list of Quinton Jackson’s most common quotes: 

(Warning: Language used may be unfit for younger readers)

  • If you’re going to let pressure stop you from fulfilling your dreams, you’re robbing yourself” – Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • There’s nothing wrong with fighting for the right things.” -Quinton Jackson
  • You can’t let haters stop you.” – Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • Have you ever had your ass whooped on by a black man before? It hurts!” – Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • The last thing I think about is losing and pressure… I just go and do it.” – Quinton Rampage Jackson.
  • My style is called ‘whoop that ass” – Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • I’d rather fight Arona cause I don’t know him, and he’s in the ******* video game, and I’m not.” – Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • The most creative or versatile to date…I don’t know, man. That’s a good question. I didn’t really think about that.” Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • At the end of the day, I’m a human being.” – Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • When I beat Wanderlei, I’m a take his belt, pull his pants down and spank him for being so ugly.” – Quinton Rampage Jackson


We hope you now know Quinton Jackson’s age, net worth, and career path. Quinton is one of the best mixed martial arts athletes in the world. His exceptional performance has granted him star positions in multiple TV shows.

Quinton Rampage Jackson tops the list of the wealthiest MMA stars with a net worth of $12 million in 2022. Quinton Jackson is among the many fighters who have grown their fighting careers with acting and TV shows.

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