Is Boxing Good For Self Defense?

“You can only fight the way you practice.” While this statement penned down by Miyamoto Musashi is true, there are many fighting tactics in boxing. But is boxing good for self-defense? 

Boxing is essential in self-defense because it contains numerous defensive and attacking techniques. When an enemy attacks, you can use your footwork and keep your distance while firing punches and kicks.

In this article, we will unpick reasons why boxing is good and bad for self-defense scenarios. You will also learn the boxing techniques and why it is called sweet science. So, ring the bell!

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Boxing for Self Defense 

Is boxing good for self-defense? Yes, boxing for self-defense does not mean that you will be a boxing expert. It is simply essential for self-protection in case of any attack. While insecurity cases have increased, various boxing centers have emerged for training individuals on basic self-defense techniques. 

From the training, you’ll be able to learn different shots, like using the jab to keep a distance or set up combinations. Nonetheless, the footwork will help you attack without losing balance or use it as a defensive maneuver. Lastly, you’ll maintain good timing to block, parry, or slip punches.

So, why is boxing called the sweet science?

Boxing As a “Sweet Science”

Boxing is a sweet science because it involves different styles and requires fighters to be fierce to predict the opponents’ next move. As a demanding sport, it’s all about logic and science, whereby a boxer needs to stay composed and strategic to win a match.

Is Boxing Martial Art?

Is boxing Martial art? Many people assume boxing to be a martial art since it does not apply to the original traditions of the eastern martial arts. Instead, it is a combat skill suitable for self-defense. Interestingly, it uses strict and codified methods of combat training. Some of the best techniques include; head movements, footwork, and punches to achieve a perfect strike.

Why Boxing is Good for Real-Life Scenarios

Sometimes, life happens, and you can get attacked on your way to school, home, or work. When this happens, you need to save yourself by boxing. But why do boxing? 

You can Fight Many Opponents

During a fight, you might meet more than one opponent. This can be a tough battle, but thanks to boxing. Being conversant with boxing will develop many tactics to improve your ability to defeat your opponents.

You cannot win a fight if you lack the skills to hit the attacks accurately. While they can attack you from behind, the two versus one situation can be a walk in the park if you have the right boxing self-defense tricks. Also, you need to know that being strong counts for nothing if you can’t coordinate your moves.

Fighting Mentally

Another big reason boxing is good for self-defense is developing the fighting mentally. As they say, boxing does not involve the body alone. It also comes from the mind. To perform well in any situation, you need to devote yourself. 

Similarly, this applies to boxing as it will instill a fighting mentality in you. As a boxer, you should be ready for shocks, pain, grabs, and hard kicks. Many fights involve punches in the face, and no one is better at taking a punch to the face than an experienced boxer.

Boxers Focus on Defensive Moves 

The third exciting aspect of being a boxer is focusing on defensive moves. It is incredible how you can get hurt badly in the scenario; the actions will help you dodge punches. Another exciting thing is that no one can defeat you with standard moves. In the end, you’ll find it easy dealing with many kicks and punches.

Boxing Boosts Confidence

There’s nothing as important as being confident on the feet. This is a great tactic when attacked in a street fight. While the opponents move here and there, you’ll manage to stay in one position, especially if you have better punches. Also, you’ll have an easy time dodging your opponents while watching your back.

Ability to Deliver a One Punch Knock out

Arguably, mastering boxing using a one-punch knockout will make you defeat the opponent. For instance, famous boxers like Mike Tyson and Vasili Lomachenko can knock out their opponents with a single punch, thanks to the best MMA gloves. Talking of punches, check out the signs of a hard puncher:

  • Good sprinter
  • Ability to jump high
  • Good hand speed
  • Weight
  • Good technique
  • Strong back muscles
  • Big leg muscles
  • Good balancing

These signs will help you take down the opponent as quickly as possible.

Boxers Deliver Accurate Punches

Delivering accurate punches doesn’t mean that you have to train for a long time. What you need is the technique to make huge punches. On the contrary, this solely goes down to aspects such as weight. But if you don’t have all these, don’t panic –  you can use speed, volume, and accuracy to get down the opponent.

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Why Boxing Isn’t Good for Real-Life Scenarios

While boxing is good for self-defense, it might not apply to real-life scenarios all the time. Here are the weaknesses that are worth mentioning.

Boxing Doesn’t Involve Ground Fighting

Boxing is an excellent self-defense technique. It contains kicks and punches essential to bring down the opponent. But when things get to the ground, all the tactics are useless. Why is this so? 

While on the ground, the opponent is the one on top, taking over with hard punches and kicks. This makes boxers vulnerable, thus a great chance to be exploited by attackers. All you can do is defend the face. Therefore, fight from a long distance to avoid being taken down.

Boxers Depend on Gloves

Generally, gloves are what make boxing fun. Therefore, boxers need to protect their hands with the best gloves available for a good fight. Fighting with no gloves is just like street fighting since there are different types of gloves. Getting the best one will enable you to protect your hands from injury. Therefore, this is not a good option for self-defense.

Boxing Does not Include Clinch Fighting

Clinch fighting is a tactic that is common in street fights. Most of the time, fighters start in a clinch. Here, they can do dirty boxing, takedown, or use knees and elbows. Typically, most street fights end up or even start in a clinch. A person can utilize dirty boxing, knees, or even take you down. This is a disadvantage to boxers since all they can do is wait for the referee to separate them.

Boxers Don’t Consider Takedown Defense

Takedown defense is a technique that many fighters use to defend themselves. While it is among top-notch tactics, they don’t apply in boxing. For this reason, boxers don’t focus on this technique. This is a big drawback when fighting in the streets. When the attacker takes them down, they can do nothing other than run away or give in.

Boxers Don’t Focus on Legkick Defense

Leg kicks are familiar in street fights. This technique makes a street fighter have more power over a boxer. However, applying leg kicks will block the boxer from moving, and they won’t be able to make more punches.

How to Use Boxing for Self Defense

How do you use boxing for self-defense? With the benefits and drawbacks of boxing for self-defense? You can use boxing for self-defense by employing the following tricks:


Topping the list of the techniques to use for self-defense is footwork. Footwork is simply going forward, round, or running away from the opponent. If you’ve been keen while watching a boxing match, you must have noticed boxers running away from each other. Right? This is a great way to escape hits and frustrate the opponent. However, moving the body takes a lot of energy; hence you can miss countering.

Block an Attacker

The second trick to help you use boxing in self-defense is blocking the attacker. It is the easiest way to attack an opponent as it requires little energy and skills. On top of that, it is safe for making hard but faster punches. However, it makes it hard to counter because hands are busy blocking. It also requires a lot of energy and can obstruct vision.


The most skillful defensive technique is slipping, which is all about escaping the punch by moving to one side. By doing this, the opponent will hit a miss, and you’ll get a chance to take a shot or escape entirely. 

However, it requires high skill and energy. So, you need to be careful to punch immediately or get another punch from the opponent. Also, it is very tiring since the body and the mind are involved.


To defend yourself, why not use the rolling method. Being among the best of the best techniques involves moving your shoulder to the other side. It is very effective since you can roll off your opponent’s shots, thus being ready for tremendous and faster punches. However, it does not work well for slow punches.


Closing the list of the best techniques applicable on how to box for seld defense is countering. Countering is all about escaping your opponent’s punches by landing your own. It is a vital tactic since you’ll be able to maintain the fighting aggression while making several punches. But, on the contrary, it is tiring and can cause damage when exchanging punches.

Our Tips for Using Boxing for Self Defense

To defend yourself effectively, you need to apply the best tactics. So, here is a quick rundown of the best tips for using boxing as a self-defense mechanism. In the long run, you’ll be able to emerge the winner.

Hold Pads

Nothing prepares you for a fight like holding pads. Holding pads will make you control your opponent and decide where they are open without getting hit. The better part is when the opponent throws a kick or punch. Also, you will get to train on your shields and blocks. Additionally, you’ll control the timing hence ample time to work on your foot.

Fast Feet Equals Fewer Hits

It’s probably not news that running or skipping rope can make your feet faster. The challenge with running is that a common practice among many people. Since fights move at different speeds and tempos, reduce your rhythm when you need to conserve energy and increase speed in another scenario.

Move Your Head

Other than moving your feet, the best way to not get hit is to move your head. Unfortunately, the practice of head movement does not apply in boxing. In self-defense boxing, the first thing you learn is to keep your hands up. Blocking and covering with your hands can save your head, but you can still get the bell rung.

Other than head shielding, you can miss entirely. This comes down to sparing. So;

  • Spar when you are ready
  • Ensure you spar at the right gym, with equipment, and the right people
  • Find the right training institution, gym, or instructor
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The Self Defense Mindset

Self-defense is an excellent technique to save yourself during an attack. Apart from that, it is ideal for health and fitness. Imagine walking in a dark street full of goons. What will you do? Runaway? Of course, not! Self-defense is the real deal! Learning boxing will help you in a fight or dangerous situations. 

Boxing or MMA for self-defense involves different techniques that are simple and easy to learn, irrespective of age, gender, and size. With determination and time, you’ll be able to defeat the enemy. For better results, find the best instructor to guide you.

As mentioned earlier, streetfights end up on the ground, and most boxers are not prepared to fight on the ground. Therefore, knowing boxing and wrestling will help you feel extra safe in the dark streets.

Keeping your body fit is essential too. Don’t forget to do cardio exercises – running, sprinting, and swimming. Additionally, conduct weight exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups to punch harder and wrestle like a pro. Good luck in the ring!

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